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Holidays in Horto Pelion

Enjoy a relaxing holidays in the Pelion peninsula

All across the Pelion peninsula, you will find various villages, hamlets and resorts, each offering their own beauty and charm to the overall appeal of Pelion. From the famous mountainous villages such as Tsagarada, Portaria and Makrinitsa, to some of the popular coastal resorts such as Milina and Kala Nera, Pelion is a truly diverse and beautiful part of Greece, waiting to be explored and appreciated.

Diplomats Holidays - Pelion Greece

The wonderful and picturesque coastal village of Horto is situated on the Pagasitic Gulf, and is located approximately 46km from the city of Volos.Built amongst the flourishing olive groves, Horto is a very beautiful and peaceful village, perfect for those seeking to escape from their stressful everyday life.

The greenery and olive trees stretch from the Pelion mountain all the way down to the coast, providing a harmonic natural scenery. Blending the green with the blue, Horto is offering visitors a complete taste of the Greek landscape.Besides Horto’s beautiful beach and clear blue waters, many other nearby beaches are easily accessible and ideal for swimming and exploring.

Horto is a well organized village, offering visitors many comforts and amenities.Around the village’s center you will find a great choice of restaurants and traditional tavernas, offering great food and local dishes featuring the unique Pelion cuisine. You may enjoy your drink, traditional sweets, coffee or coctail at the available cafe and bars.

Starting from Horto, you can follow clearly signed natural and cobblestoned paths and guide yourself through wonderful routes, discover beautiful destinations and beaches in neighboring villages. Horto is a picturesque and traditional village and an ideal base for your holidays as it provides easy access to various sites and other villages of Pelion such as Milina, Argalasti and Lafkos. For those who have their own or rent a car, there are many routes and destinations to coastal or mountainous villages, ideal for a daily excursion.

Horto is a charming village to visit and the friendly and hospitable locals make visitors feel at home straight away. During the summer months, several local festivals take place, with traditional music and dance, so you are invited to come and join in.

Activites in Horto - Pelion

Visitors of all ages can enjoy many kinds of activities provided by the area. Hiking in wonderful walking paths, exploring nature and greenery, visits to various churches and beautiful monasteries, a tour with the famous Pelion Steam Train, across mountains and many different traditional villages in Pelion. For those who enjoy more action and adventure our area provides:

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